Computer down!

Last weekend my computer became out of commision- I’ll be able to update again sometime this week! Much love and I am excited to get the blog up and running again! Advertisements

A Moment

Shiloh just traipsed around and around the house, walking confidently and FAST,”talking” on my cell phone with perfect phone call intonation.  “Hi” ….”Oh”….. “Uh huh”…. “Oooo”…. “eye”( *her bye) I actually died.  I am now a ghost writer.  (pun intended) “””Anyone in their later twenties remember the show Ghostwriter????  I freakin’ LOVED that show.


Today, after my weekly 60- hour  epic separation from Shiloh, I met her and her grandma at Whole Foods to pick her up.  I am always giddy with happiness to see her after her two nights at her grandparents, and the hour and a half drive seems double as long. We decided to meet at Whole Foods today; … Continue reading

Spotlight: Great Grandma Jackie

My grandmother has always been one of the most precious people in my life.  As a child I grew from an infant to a four year-old in her home with my mother and Auntie Joyce.  I have maintained a bond with all three of these women throughout my life, a bond that transcends any differing opinions … Continue reading

Could it be?

In just about one day my 13.5 week pregnant self seems to have not only gotten a much bigger baby bump, but…. Did he/she move?!  I swear to god I felt it today.  I have been “feeling” it but knowing that it was a muscle spasm here or there.  But today, I don’t know.  I … Continue reading

Free Hugs, Free Kisses

This won’t be a long post, but a thought did just cross my mind. I have an extra day off today, and that’s 24 hours more with my giggly, kissy, huggy gal.  Shiloh was not an affectionate baby.  She never held her arms out, or wanted to just be in my arms.  Over the last few … Continue reading

Scheduling a night terror

I do not know what’s to come with baby number 2, but Shiloh has just about always slept through the night.  We co-slept for maybe three weeks in the beginning, and then it was 10-5, then 9-5, then and still 7pm-6:30am.  She just loves to be in her crib and either sleeping or singing. Shiloh … Continue reading

Let’s test intuition, just earlier this time.

I knew Shiloh was a girl.  No doubt.  Dreamed it, felt it.  Out she came with girl parts and I was confirmed. Admittedly, not findng out Shiloh’s gender was difficult.  I really enjoyed the fun of not knowing, but it was so damn tempting!! Yet for all the temptation, never would I take back that, that anticipation … Continue reading

I get to do it again…

Nurse.  Oh my lord how I loved to breastfeed.  It was the most relaxing, warm, loving experience and it is without a doubt the act I am most excited to experience again. I just read through a thread over at Molly’s These Little Moments blog about the omnipresent debate over public nursing.  I won’t rediscuss those … Continue reading